A nation is defined by its borders, its laws, and the citizens that live within the boundaries of both. For too long, all of these have been ignored and the consequences are disastrous.

In December 2023, the daily number of illegal aliens crossing the border reached 14,000. That’s the population of Mission every six days, the population of Edinburg every week, and the population of McAllen every ten days. But these people aren’t bringing roads, homes, schools, hospitals or food that they need with them. We provide that for them. We pay for all of it.

And we need to stop it.

When I’m in Washington, I will not waiver on my commitment to securing the border. I will vote against any bill that makes it easier for people to illegally cross the border and that rewards those who make it across. I will work hard to get that wall built and support the brave men and women of law enforcement in their mission of protecting our nation.